Friday, February 13, 2015

What's happening in 2015?

Hey everyone! It's been about a year and a half since Kade's last fundraiser, and because of your support he has been able to receive therapy for the past year and a half since.  Kade's not only grown taller and wiser, but he has excelled in his understanding of horsemanship and using physical and vocal commands to begin learning lead his horse without constant assistance. We see a bright future for Kade and want to see him get the chance to continue to progress over the next year. 

To give Kade the ability to receive therapy through the coming year, it's our honor to invite you to join us for another fundraiser coming up in March 2015. We will be hosting a gathering with fine handcrafted goods for sale, featuring donations from some of our favorite local makers including Belle & Oak, Pastrana Studio, Hurd & Honey, and more. 100% of the proceeds will go to the next year of therapy for Kade, and beyond that any additional donations received will go to kids at the therapy center who also need monetary assistance. As soon as dates are set we will have that information for you here. We look forward to seeing you there.

  Photographs by Jordan Stricker     

If you have any questions or donation inquiries, please feel free to contact the hosts:

Jordan Stricker:
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Our first Therapy for Kade fundraiser will be this Sunday, September 15th on the courthouse lawn in Denton Square from 2-5pm! Bring your family, friends, people you don't even know!

We will have a table there with more information about Kade and Rocky Top Therapy Center. Rumor has it Kade may even make an appearance! As a thank you for donations, we will have a professional photographer (Evie Marie Photography, on site to take a portrait of you and whoever you bring (family, friends!). We look forward to seeing your smiling faces!

Thank you!!!

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Kade's therapy information:
One weekly session: $80
One month of weekly sessions: $400
One year of weekly sessions: $4,160

If writing a check, please make it payable to Rocky Top Therapy Center and specify as for Therapy for Kade.

You can also donate online here

Thank you.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Meet Kade. He is an eight year old little boy who loves baseball and anything really that involves being active and playing outside.  Kade was born with a condition that has caused him to develop more slowly than other kids his age. He has been receiving equine therapy (physical therapy on horseback) for his condition at Rocky Top Therapy Center in Keller, TX for the past four years now.  When Kade first came to Rocky Top, he was a four year old who could only use sign language for communication, and had a hard time walking without falling. He couldn't even run. In the past four years, Kade has not only learned how to speak and communicate so well, but now he runs, jumps, and even plays baseball!

In more recent months, Kade's therapy has become a financial burden for his family, but they have worked hard to do all they can to keep him coming every week so he can ride "his horse" Sheba.  He can barely contain his excitement when he comes to ride her every week, doing his exercises on horseback so enthusiastically and energetically. We can't imagine not seeing Kade's smiling face every week, but funds have run out and we your help. The growth that is still in store for Kade both physically and mentally is uncharted, he's well on the way to catching up to other kids his age and continuing to excel. This therapy has been key in his development and will surely be in the future.  And that's why we need your help.


The first fundraiser is scheduled for Sunday, September 15th in Denton Square. We will be on the courthouse lawn - more information soon. All checks may be made payable to Rocky Top Therapy Center and designated as "therapy for Kade."

You can also donate online here:

Kade's therapy information:
One weekly session: $80
One month of weekly sessions: $400
One year of weekly sessions: $4,160

Thank you!